The Aim of Digitize Our Education System

EduFleet will help us to automotive education system which is followed different
famous foreign school and colleges.


Education is not just go to school and getting a degree, it’s about widening your knowledge beside adopting the truth of life. It means just getting the degrees would not be a purpose of education, the main purpose should be lighten yourself with the digitized way. Just keep it in mind we came up with a new project “EduFleet” with the aim of digitized our education system. Basically Edu Press is not just a basic Software to handle database of students, teachers and parents. It has been backed and enhanced with multiple add-ons to make it a feature rich and one stop solution for all School Management needs.

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Scalability is highly important for any systems. EduFleet is capable of growing with the school, both in terms of slow managed growth and sudden change. EduFleet has been designed from the beginning to scale from a single server machine running all the components up to a system involving clustered components and distributed access from a worldwide basis.
Scalability also requires reliability. EduFleet is capable of dealing gracefully with errors, not stopping at the first sign of trouble. Additionally, It is easy to separately monitor the presence and performance of each component of the system, In order that staff can identify and deal with any errors or overload that does occur.
Security is also highly important for any systems. The disadvantage of making it easy to find school information is that it also makes it easy for this information to fall into the wrong hands. Defined security lines are implemented right from the beginning of Edufleet. EduFleet has the concept of user permissions. Passwords are stored in the database using a standard encryption algorithm.
Why Choose EDUFLEET?
Cost Effective

Faster Access

User Friendly
Role Based Access
Continuous Support