EduFleet will help us to automotive education system which is followed different famous foreign school and colleges. In Bangladesh by using EduFleet one can compete with others in terms of education. Education cannot be a part of business but it can be marketed and the people who takes it a service or social work will understand better. We EduFleet our first prior is to create a digitize education system. Your institutions can be one of the best school of your area. Your brand value will increase medium to a high class category. For example, Where a school don’t have any formal email and they do their normal institutional work with their personal mail instead of a school formal mail in that situation you have the highly customized online server and a digitize education system. You can do marketing through it, you can use your event functions, cultural functions as a headings of your brand. Your campus will be one of the open learning source to others. Guardians will also appreciate to admit their children’s to admit in your school because of your customize learning feature. EduFleet will also help you to do better results in terms of Marketing, Positioning and Branding.
To improve our idea, first we do study a lot about the sector where we take help from our teachers, Ministry of education and a lot of research paper and digital education related website. Primarily, we find out the international level schools and college. In which procedure they look after their institutions, the category of the server, the domain, hosting and all other websites and space. Then we think to realize stand by our situation what is the procedure of our education system and its quality, standard, is it internationally approved. How foreign country treat us, many questions comes to our mind and then we start field work. A lot of thanks of those schools and the administration who helps us to collect the data, gain the information and find out the lacking’s of our education system. We start from the teachers of different schools what are they facing regarding teaching and then comes students with their problem, mostly they are facing in their daily educational life. All of these statement we note down very sincerely and do a primary research upon that and combining all of the issues we come up with a digitized solution named EduFleet.